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Fall Detection Radar 

Suitable for the elderly living alone

Auto SOS and alerts

in case of emergency


No privacy issues

No contact

Remote monitoring

Falling posture
Accurate identification

Positioning within

radar range

Fall Detection Radar


Safe monitoring without invading privacy. Once a fall occurs, the system can proactively send out pop-up windows and buzzer alerts to notify caregivers of the fall and location information without requiring the elderly to do anything.

The radar can be installed on the bathroom ceiling or wall and can identify falls in various postures. Record the number, time and duration of visits to the bathroom by the elderly. It is not affected by water vapor, temperature, light, etc., and has a high accident detection rate for falls.


No camera, protect privacy

Suitable for bathrooms, bedrooms and other places with frequent accidents


High anti-interference ability and high sensitivity

  • 4x4 meter detection range

  • Micro motion detection to accurately monitor fall posture


7/24 abnormal fast alarm

It can be connected to the Smart Love APP, and the elderly will receive quick notifications of abnormalities, including SMS, Whatsapp, phone calls and on-site assistance, etc.

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