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ClickVideo with a simple interface, flexible turnkey settings, quality service, and professional functions:

  • recognition of license plates,

  • faces,

  • emotions,

  • gender and age,

  • recognition of object and sound types,

  • detection of abandoned or missing items,

  • absence or presence of medical masks or safety gear,

  • camera tampering and other system health issues,

  • crowds,

  • color,

  • loitering,

  • line crossings, counting of visitors and passengers,

  • PTZ tracking and tour,

  • screen capture,

  • heat map, floor plans,

  • organization of access systems,

  • integration with cash registers,

  • smart home systems, and more.

Video Surveillance

• recording video with sound,
• intrusion, trespassing detection,
• instant reactions and notifications,
• automated alarms,
• face recognition-based access,
• license plate recognition-based gate opening, and much more.


Business Automation

• scaring off birds of prey in fish farms,
• drone detection for airports,
• detection of people (not) wearing medical masks,
• price tags recognition for stores,
• ball auto tracking during sport broadcasts,
and much more.


Smart Homes

Automated convenience and security:
• Gate or door opening upon recognizing face or vehicle,
• Launching home appliances (cleaner, cooker, thermostat) upon host arrival (or other events),
• Auto alarm or emergency police call upon seeing face or vehicle from the blacklist,
• Host mood-based reactions (music, lighting, multimedia, climate),
• Detection of intrusion or suspicious sounds,
• “Live” feed from the camera (incl. PTZ ones), for all-times awareness.


Raising Profits

product defects detection in production lines,
• productivity estimation of conveyor workers,
• queue detection in stores,
• anti-fraud cash register monitoring,
• visitors counter and emotions recognizer,
• tracking operability of promo monitors,
• creation of your own cloud service,
• ATM embedded cameras,
and much more!


Smart City

auto fines for speed limit offenders,
• body-worn cameras and challenges of mobile surveillance,
• search for missing people or vehicles through city cameras,
• crowd density in public transportation,
• proactive prevention of and reaction to crimes (based on citizens’ emotions and city sounds),
• assigning tags to politicians’ speeches,
and many more!



And more other features, including paid development at your request, camera firmware for embedded access to cloud video surveillance, integration with new devices and equipment...etc.

ClickVideo Standard Modules

Smart GUI Surveillance System



  • Universal camera

  • Microphone

  • Screen capture

  • File Reading

  • Another ClickVideo connection

  • FTP Receiver

  • HTTP Receiver


  • Motion detector

  • Scheduler

  • Marking

  • Day Detector

  • Image Rotate

  • Unitor

  • Image Resize

  • HTTP Switcher

  • Visitors Counter

  • Sound Detector

  • Problems Detector

  • Object Detector

  • HTTP Marking

  • Relay Switch

  • Condition

  • Fisheye Dewarping

  • PTZ tracking

  • Image Crop

  • Object Size Filtering

  • Camera-Embedded Detector

  • GPIO

  • Streaming to Youtube


  • Preview

  • Preview and Archive

  • Save to File

  • Email Sending

  • Web Server

  • Sound Alarm on server

  • Pop-up Window (in Client)

  • HTTP Request Sender

  • HTTP Upload to other ClickVideo

  • Application Runner

  • FTP Upload

ClickVideo Pro’s
Exclusive Features

Included Standard Modules and below:

  • Possibility to create your own cloud video surveillance

  • Automatic license plate recognition (ANPR) also with 3rd party utilities for recognition;

  • Face Detector and Recognition (up to 90% average recognition rate);

  • Detector of speed limit violation;

  • Sending pictures of a vehicle and its license plate to external systems through FTP;

  • Smoke Detector;

  • Detector of Abandoned Objects;

  • Loitering Detector;

  • Cross-Line Detector (visitors counter with movement direction);

  • Privacy masking;

  • Button Switcher – a module for immediate turning on/off of chains*;

  • multilayered e-Map*;

  • Heatmap*;

  • RTSP Broadcasting module for conversion of a camera stream into an MJPEG, H264 or MPEG-4 stream;

  • Move to PTZ preset module ;

  • PTZ control through web browser*;

  • Control over PTZ presets and guard tours (patrols)*;

  • Support for USB joysticks;

  • webRTC options available for view of encoded streams in browser*;

  • Support for IP microphones;

  • JSON API for remote control ;

  • Simultaneous view of several cameras’ archives*;

  • Possibility to watch archive without closing live cameras*;

  • Possibility to export synchronized several archives together*;

  • Possibility to make intervals of archive undeletable*;

  • Visualization of movement in archive*;

  • LDAP support*;

  • You can choose what users the PopUp Window module will work for*;

  • Sound alarm can be played not only on server, but on clients too;

Start experiencing

No day limit


Test free demo license before the purchase.

No ads, full function for testing purpose. 


Standard Licence

HKD 295/camera

Standard Modules 

1 year free update period


Pro Licence

HKD 899/camera

Add-on AI Modules 

Standard Modules 

1 year free updates period

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