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3D Mobile Lidar Scanner

XGRIDS - Lixel L1

3D Mobile Lidar Scanner

Xgrids - Lixel L1

Xgrids - Lixel L1

Real Time
Reconstruction & Solution

Real Scene 
Reprodcution & Lifelike

High Efficiency

LixelGo App, reconstruction effect in real time, Model directly output from the device, saving time and efficiency.

High-precision vision and laser fusion technology generate true-color point clouds in real time, depicting the real world, and what you see is what you get.

Up to 5 times the continuous operation time, supports fast relocation, can continue to scan at breakpoints during operation, which greatly improves the efficiency of internal and external measurement and analysis.

Industry application scenarios

For smart city data conversion, the LIDAR Scanner LIXEL L1 can be used to quickly capture three models of geographic features and objects such as buildings, roads and parks in the city and generate large amounts of point cloud data.

1、Smart City.jpg

Smart City

5、Arts and Tourism.jpg

Arts and Tourism

2、Security and Emergency Rescuing.png

Security and Emergency Rescuing

6、VR AR XR.jpg


3、Natural Resources.jpg

Natural Resources



4、Geographic Information and Surveying.jpg

Geographic Information and Surveying

8、Energy Industry and Minning.png

Energy Industry and Minning

Construction of City Digital Base Map

Lidar Overcome the difficulty   

Difficult to achieve
digitalization of smart city ?

資產 2@10x-83.png

Use Case: Tree Surveying in Shatian Park

Tree Surveying

Traditional ways:

Hard to get, unmeasurable, high-costs

AT-VIBE ways:

Liexl L1 can scan the trees in specific area within a short period, and get the point cloud date as scanning finished onwhich tree’s basic information can be measurable.

Through division of single tree point cloud, we can extract data report of trees beside urban road. Coordinate of trees can be seen on model and report sheet clearly, and circumstances of urban greening can be updated periodically.

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