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Smart Watch

Multi-physiological monitoring, abnormal data automatically send out alarms; meet the daily life of waterproof, you can view the real-time location and device power.

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Heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure monitoring
Real-time monitoring tips

Has a variety of physiological monitoring functions
Take care of your health anytime, anywhere

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You can check the health status of your family members remotely and in real time.
Detect family members' respiratory rate, heart rate status, and last microbody movement time at any time

View family health data remotely


Fall monitoring

Real-time monitoring of falls
Provide timely emergency rescue help

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Highly sensitive supervision
Stay tuned

Professional optical sensor,
Make detection data more accurate

Fall Monitoring Emergency SOS

Real-time detection of falls and providing timely emergency rescue assistance

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Modify equipment parameters to achieve accurate monitoring

​Parameters can be modified in the APP, so you can change the device parameters according to your own needs to ensure accurate monitoring.

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Exception and processing log query

Abnormalities and processing logs can be queried in the APP, and heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen data abnormalities can be queried.

<Smart Love care services>

7x24 quick notification

Self-care Mode

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Quick Respond Users:

When the device warns, "Smart Love"
notifies the user or family members
immediately through the voice call to
help the elderly get out of trouble in
time and reduce risks.

Value-added service Mode

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Busy Schedule Users:

When an alert is triggered by the device, Smart Love will quickly notify the emergency contacts through multiple channels to handle it in time. If no response is received from the emergency contacts, value-added services that have been authorized in advance will be performed, such as: calling the police for help.

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