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Smart Building 





Robotic Receptionist is the trendy way to greet your visitors/guests, it is fun and user-friendly. It certainly leaves a strong impression and interesting experience to your visitors/guests.


Nowadays managing your visitor schedule and recording visitor’s data become important, these means your security control is increased and traceable data for the unexpected situation.

Resources Management System

“ClickBook” System is specially designed for co-working space and sharing economic trend business model. It creates a self-operated management environment. Users just need to access the system to reserve their resources for example - the conference room. The system can show the availabilities of conference rooms for booking, the display plate on the booked conference rooms will show the newly updated status. We choose to use electronic ink and low-power connection technology to achieve a seamless and environmentally friendly solution for your daily operation.


IoT Ops

AdobeStock_225124856 - Resized.jpeg

Internet of Thing operation system can collect data, with a clear IoT data dashboard display for controlling IoT devices. Enable to integrate and bridge up with the different types of IoT protocol and system.

Video Analysis Solution​

ClickVideo is unique with an analysis system integrated with various types of cameras, sound detectors, and sensors. And support intellectual features such as face recognition, smoke detection, heat map, visitors counter, and cross-line with direction detector in order to provide different integrated solutions


Custom Made Services


IoT Service, Web Crawler and

Machine Learning System

We can help you filter and select valuable data that is useful for your business, such as market analysis, customer behavior studies, repeated action, and habits…etc.

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