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​SOS Button

Emergency SOS two-way call, three emergency contacts can be set, global real-time positioning and device power display, lightweight and portable with only 35g.

Real-time two-way voice calling

Users can quickly dial reserved phone numbers by pressing the central button;
At the same time, the reserved phone number can also actively dial the button phone to make a call.

資產 11_10x-83.png

​Small, stylish and easy to carry

資產 12_10x-83.png

Waterproof magnetic charging

​Advanced waterproof contact charging technology is more efficient and convenient

iPhone 15 = 171g

​SOS Button = 35g

Global positioning real-time view

Caregivers can check the user's location information in real time on the Smart Love App.

資產 15_10x-83.png
資產 16@10x-83.png

IP65 waterproof for daily life

Note: The color of the inner shell bracket may vary depending on the batch. The color in the picture is for reference only, and the actual one received shall prevail.

資產 12_10x-83.png

Exception and processing record query

Exceptions and processing records can be queried in the APP, and the number of clicks on the SOS alarm can be queried.

<Smart Love care services>

7x24 quick notification

Self-care Mode

資產 7_10x-8.png

Quick Respond Users:

When the device warns, "Smart Love"
notifies the user or family members
immediately through the voice call to
help the elderly get out of trouble in
time and reduce risks.

Value-added service Mode

資產 8_10x-8.png

Busy Schedule Users:

When an alert is triggered by the device, Smart Love will quickly notify the emergency contacts through multiple channels to handle it in time. If no response is received from the emergency contacts, value-added services that have been authorized in advance will be performed, such as: calling the police for help.

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