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Vitals Detection Radar

No camera, no contact
Suitable for bathroom, bedroom, etc.

  • Accurately detect breathing, heart rate, micro-body movements, etc.

  • Continuous sleep detection

  • Prevents chronic diseases

  • Identify anomalies and automatically alert

  • Positioning within radar range

Fall Detection Radar

No camera, no contact

Suitable for bathroom, bedroom, etc.

  • Accurately detects various falling postures

  • Seize the golden rescue period

  • Identify anomalies and automatically alert

  • Positioning within radar range

​Smart Watch

Accurately monitor various physiological indicators of the body: heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, etc.

  • Environmental and body temperature monitoring

  • Stress fatigue monitoring

  • mental health assessment

  • Real-time outdoor positioning tracking and fall detection

  • Identify anomalies and automatically alert

SOS Button

Lightweight and no burden, you can ask for help

  • Alarm in 3 seconds

  • Emergency SOS two-way call

  • Electronic fence automatic alarm

  • Global real-time multiple precise positioning

  • Historical movement tracking

Smart Detection Camera

Contactless, privacy protected

  • Wide detection coverage

  • Electronic fence to prevent loss

  • Accurate statistics on arrival time

  • Intelligent judgment of all types of falls

  • Loss of consciousness sounds the alarm

  • Face recognition for strangers

  • Identify fire

  • Two-way voice call

AT-VIBE Smart Love.png

AT-Vibe's brand values are inspiring and reflected in thier powerful slogan: "Together we build a smart and safe city." They are committed to creating smart safety solutions that improve society and save lives. By coming together and working towards this goal, we can create a smarter and safer city for all.

Moreover, AT-Vibe's brand story "Smart Love - Smart Elderly Care Ecological Solution" is a heartwarming and unifying project that aims to provide older adults with a better living experience. "Smart Love" conveys the brand's care and respect for older adults and their love and pursuit of intelligent technology. This solution allows older adults to enjoy the convenience and comfort of innovative technology in their old age.

Prioritize elderlies’well-being and safety

Smart Elderly Care Ecological Solution

< Protect your loved ones with smart technology >

Home prevention, early screening, chronic disease intervenntion, and home care will be increasingly crucial for managing health in the future.

資產 13@10x-8.png

Predict potential risks in advance
Sleep quality analysis
Respiratory chronic disease analysis
Fall risk analysis

資產 14@10x-8.png

Auto SOS and alerts in case of emergency
Get out of bed Fall Faint
Micro body movements:
sittng for a long time/turning over, etc.

Abnormal breathing Irregular heartbeat

​⭐Provide door-to-door support services

資產 15@10x-8.png

Data Analysis for Health Management
Detailed data in 8 dimensions
Abnormal health conditon alert
Customizable data reports

資產 3_10x-8.png
Addresses Key Challenges in Elderly Care
Protect your loved ones with smart technology
資產 5_10x-8.png

<Smart Love Care Service>7x24 Quick Notification

Self-care Mode

資產 7_10x-8.png

Quick Respond Users:

When the device warns, "Smart Love"
notifies the user or family members
immediately through the voice call to
help the elderly get out of trouble in
time and reduce risks.

Supervised Mode

資產 8_10x-8.png

Busy Schedule Users:

After the device warns, the online care staff will quickly notify the emergency contact person by phone or other methods to handle it in time. If it cannot be handled, they will come to help knock on the door to confirm and help call the police in an emergency.

Choose Your Smart Plan Freely

Applicable scenarios

Living Alone



Care Home

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