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Smart Residental Management Platform

Reasons to choose us 

Provide a one-stop management platform


Reduce staff’s workload


Improve work efficiency


Improve residential security

Improve residents' quality of life experience

Intuitive interface, easy to use

Turning technology into efficiency
A reliable idea of convenience 

Residental Management Platform uses common communication software for communication, residents can easily experience a smart life 

Special Function

  • Face recognition

  • Support external NFC, IC card reader

  • Support pre-registered visitors’ function

  • Visitor management app

  • Residents can use IC card or app to access the smart mailbox

  • The sensor inside the mailboxes detects new incoming letters and notifies their corresponding owners through the app

  • the app can remotely open the mailbox under special circumstances

  • If the mailbox has not been opened for a long time, the owner and the management office will be notified automatically

  • Environment monitoring system

  • Monitors temperature, humidity and water immersion to reduce failure rate ....etc.

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